ASTERIX: Megaopleuha

ASTERIX: Megaopleuha
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Arcade

'50 BC.All Gaul conquered by the Romans.However, all right?. .. No!One tiny village, inhabited by indomitable Gauls, continues to successfully resist the invaders.

MEGAOPLEUHA: Drink a magic potion, Asterix charge the fist and throw her the Roman as far as possible.

THESE ROMANS - PSIHI: Unlock more than 20 objects( helmet, cloak, helium, etc...) And characters( Obelix, obsession, legionaries) which will help you move forward Roman.

WORLD Asterix: Walk to famous places, which were adventures of Asterix, from the village of Gauls to Egypt, visit the Roman camp Nenarokum, Lutetia and, of course, Rome. .. and do not forget about the pirates, by Teutat!

Simple and fun: The game is designed for Astérix Mégabaffe Gauls of any age.Charge fist Asterix, drawing a finger swirl before sending it to the Roman and immediately run the poor guy in the flight.

Collects CHARACTER ASTERIX: Collect all 30 cards Astérix characters, selecting them at each level, or sharing with friends.Caesar gladly tell you their story.

CHALLENGE FRIENDS: overtaking his friends, records of which are presented as Romans inflated with helium - they will meet on your way.

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