Assassin’s Creed Unity App

Assassin’s Creed Unity App
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Puzzle
Tags: 3d, online, hd, donat

Even more pleasure from Assassin's Creed Unity - all revolutionary Paris at your fingertips.Application Companion enables you to make a lot of new activities and get information that will enhance your gaming experience.Find the hidden puzzles in famous places of Paris, run their own Brotherhood of the Nomad, to unlock exclusive quests and rewards in Assassin's Creed® Unity.

Interactive world map.

Paris in your hands.Explore the three-dimensional map, arrange the Helix markers to schedule tasks, you can easily find yourself on the map, their enemies and allies, as well as see all the updates in real time.

With the passage of Assassin's Creed® Unity on your map will appear famous Parisian places where you can find and solve puzzles hidden.This will give you the opportunity to unlock the exclusive task for the Brotherhood Nomad.

The companion app you will be able to manage their own brotherhood of assassins, and send them on missions.Successful completion of tasks will unlock exclusive quests and rewards in Assassin's Creed Unity.

view statistics for all objects that can be used in Arno Assassin's Creed® Unity.Check them out in action and see how different combinations affect your ability.

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Impossible Draw
Impossible Draw

Beautiful jigsaw puzzle based on gestures.

6 Apr1900
Indie cat
Indie cat

Popular social networking game from now on android!

31 Mar2710

Another excellent puzzle game from Herocraft.

22 Mar2500