As for the word ON RUSSIAN

As for the word ON RUSSIAN
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Puzzle

What the Word IN RUSSIAN - is a fun game for children and adults, can play from one to several players.Now this is an interesting soobrazhalka in Russian!If you like to play these entertaining games like guess whose shadow, Name That Tune, Guess cartoon quiz 100 films - you'll like the new guess the word game!

RULES: What word is hidden behind the picture?Open the image in pieces and guess the word.Do you have 6 tips.The fewer clues used - the more points earned!Play together with friends and family in a colorful game that over the word IN RUSSIAN.

Some features:
- The most addictive puzzle game in the world;
- Especially for fans 4 photos 1 word in Russian;
- For all ages;
- Beautiful graphics;
- Many exciting levels.

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27 Feb110


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