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OS: Android 2.1
Category: Other Guide and Tips - user-friendly guide to the same game on the Android platform. Game Agar - this indie mega project, which, according to the developer, was established just a couple of days.Nevertheless, he gained recognition and wide popularity worldwide.

Game is a simple simulator of bacteria.It impresses with its simplicity and logic - here it is not so difficult, such as in Spore.The player begins with a small "ball" and rostet, devouring other such bacteria - other gamers. Despite the deliberate simplicity, the game is quite difficult.As in the real world, everyone tries to eat unwary gamer.Therefore, there are a lot of tactics and tips on gaming behavior on the battlefield.

Agar AyOu Guide and tips - this is the most comprehensive guide on the toy.Where you can find a lot of useful information:

Tactics different types of gaming;Tips to avoid becoming prey;Fashion and improvement;Information about the game server;Guides on various stages of the game;Skins for bacteria;

Implementation customization of the main characters was a very original and funny.Instead additional prog, updates or plugins required just to enter a password - "nickname", and the microorganism corresponding skin will be fixed.In this guide, you can easily find the right image from the mass of options.

If there is a desire to play and win in Agar, you can not do without this advisor.There's everything you need to make the game any gamer as interesting, but at the same time effective. Installation usual without any further action.Connection to the network is not required.The only negative: Hyde is only available in English and Spanish.

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